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Download Avira Scout 16.9.2785.1494 Avira Scout is a secure web... - TodaySoftware

Download Avira Scout 16.9.2785.1494

Download Avira Scout 16.9.2785.1494 todaysoftware
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Last Update: 09 Oct 2016

version 16.9.2785.1494

Size 39.94 Mb

Publisher Homepage:

License: Freeware

OS Support: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,

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Avira Operations GmbH

Avira Scout is a secure web browser that consists of intelligent security tools for providing optimal online protection. It avoids surfing harmful websites, provides secure Wi-Fi, protects your privacy and allows you to customize the extent of its features. It is based on open source Chromium web browser therefore it is very much similar to Google Chrome. But the difference is that it does not have Flash Player installed by default for security purpose, however you can install its compatible version anytime.

Avira Scout is a free web browser with an interactive user interface. It uses an advanced URL cloud for protection against malware and phishing techniques. Your Wi-Fi connections can be encrypted for high level security. All of its privacy settings can be customized as per your requirement to let you enjoy your internet experience.

• Safe Browsing.
• Privacy Protection.
• Secure Wi-Fi.
• Chromium Build.
• Autopilot.

Privacy Badger:
Privacy Badger detects all the trackers present on a webpage. It notifies you when a tracking domain is visited. In the user filter settings, you can change the position of its slider to block the domain, block only cookies or to allow domain. You can add any domain as the whitelisted ones, so they will never by blocked by the browser. You can enable or disable social widget replacement and can customize general settings.

Autopilot option allows you to use automatic settings for the privacy level that you need. You can choose Comfort mode or Secure mode and the browser will adjust the settings according to the chosen mode. The settings include secure Wi-Fi, safe browsing, safe shopping and anonymous statistics.

HTTPS Everywhere:
Avira Scout allows you to enable HTTPS protocol for every website that you visit and block every HTTP request. It is a browser extension that enhances the security level of internet surfing. You can also force encrypted connections to major websites such as Google, Avira, Bing, MSN, Amazon and more to make your browsing secure.

Browser Safety:
It displays a small notification bar at the top of webpages and the links present on each webpage. This option represents the safety of pages. It lets you know if any security threats or trackers are present on the webpage. However if you think that a website is malicious, you can report it as unsafe to avoid unsafe browsing in the future. Through its settings you can toggle display of safety indicator and Avira price comparison.

System Requirements:
Avira Scout is a Windows OS supported web browser that is compatible with 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 versions of the operating system. You must be using PC with Intel Pentium 4 or advance processor, 350 MB free space on hard disk and minimum 512 MB of RAM.

In the modern world of technology, it has become really difficult to protect your data from unauthorized clients. Websites are using trackers to extract your information. In such conditions, Avira Scout has emerged as a source of relief for internet users. It provides you with a secure environment where you can browse internet without getting worried. If uses latest technologies to protect you from being tracked and enables secure browsing with customizable settings.

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