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Download BitDefender AntiVirus Plus

Download BitDefender AntiVirus Plus todaysoftware
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Last Update: 24 Jan 2017


Size 9.84 Mb

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License: Shareware

OS Support: WinVista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,

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BitDefender LLC

BitDefender AntiVirus 2017 is an effective anti-virus and anti-malware tool that keeps your system secure against any harmful attacks. It has separate versions for commercial and non-commercial users. It can be downloaded and used on Windows, while for other operating systems there are other versions available. It is a very high speed tool that performs real time scan for providing better security against spyware, virus and malware. It is a freeware that you can download easily by following our explained steps below.

Downloading and Installation:
First of all, download free BitDefender AntiVirus 2017  installer file. Upon opening this file it will install the setup in 32 bit or 64 bit mode according to your system specifications. After the downloading, it will unpack the solution files. It will check for other incompatible security tools. The installation can only be completed if other security tools are removed from your system. The wizard asks you to accept the terms of license agreement. Choose the installation location and your software will be installed on the PC.

For better security, the users are recommended to create a bitdefender account with their Email address and password. With your online account you can manage your remote devices, enforce parental controls, contact free support, install anti-theft tool on your system and can use the Safebox. Safebox is the online tool that saves your data files, recycles unwanted files, lets you share them with others, copies and deletes them and enables you to check the history of your previously saved and shared documents and files.
BitDefender AntiVirus 2017 provides real time protection against harmful content by scanning all the files from time to time. If the Autoscan option is turned on then it will keep the security check automatically and you need not to worry about running the scan manually. The Virus shield keeps your entire system safe. All the files are checked at the time of downloading, scanning and saving so in case they are not safe, the software asks you to perform the most suitable operation on them for their cleaning.

• Active Virus Control.
• Rescue mode.
• Virtualized Browser.
• Vulnerability Scanner.
• Autopilot.
• Social Network Protection.
• Search Advisor.
• Chat Encryption.
• Antiphising.
• Personal Data Filter.
• Scan Dispatcher.

For protection against viruses, BitDefender AntiVirus uses a special Active Virus control technology. It can protect your system against latest threats and those threats too whose proper removal methods are not introduced yet. For this purpose it creates a protection layer. It scans the website URLs that you have visited and lets you know whether they are safe to visit or not. If any external user or unwanted application tries intruding then it immediately blocks them for protecting your privacy.

BitDefender AntiVirus 2017 is a great tool for keeping your system protected against all the harmful threats. It keeps your memory files free from viruses and malware, scans the websites that you usually visit and blocks them if they are harmful and also provides protection against the hackers who try to get access to your system without coming into your notice. It is a complete free package that is a must if you want to enhance your system privacy and protection.

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