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Download Quick Heal Antivirus 17.00 Quick Heal Antivirus is very... - TodaySoftware

Download Quick Heal Antivirus 17.00

Download Quick Heal Antivirus 17.00 todaysoftware
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Last Update: 29 Nov 2016

version 17.00

Size 116.26 Mb

Publisher Homepage:

License: Shareware

OS Support: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10,

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Quick Heal Antivirus is very useful for detecting different virus in your PC and removing them without causing any damage to your important data files. It provides complete security for your system. Despite its various strong functionalities, it is not a very heavy application that neither takes up a lot of memory space nor decreases the speed of computer. It allows you to safely browse internet, send and receive Emails, enable Firewall, scan your PC for malware protection, track your laptop if it is snatched or lost and keep your USB drives free of virus.

Safe Browsing:
Quick Heal Antivirus enables you to use internet and visit any website in Safe Mode. If it finds any website to be unsafe, then it immediately blocks access and generates a warning. Furthermore, its built-in Firewall is an efficient method for management of threats and hijacking tools that try to intrude into your system. This Firewall is equally effective over both internet and small area networks. Not only you can choose its Home, Office or Restricted modes for networks based on the security level, but can also go to Stealth mode for making it almost impossible for hackers to track down your PC.

Scanning Feature:
Quick Heal Antivirus performs scanning of your system for accurately identifying any issues such as presence of malware. Its latest update has made the software capable to avoid scan on those files that have remained same since the last scan was performed. This feature saves time and the resources involved in the whole process. Its Advanced DNAScan option can find unknown threats, whose definition is not present in the database, on the basis of their behavior. As a result, you can stay safe from potential threats that can severely damage your computer.

Laptop Tracking:
In order to avail the facility of Track My Laptop, the users need to get registered on online portal. This feature is automatically activated for every user of Quick Heal Antivirus. Moreover, the users who are not using this software or any other product of same company can get this feature by registering with the help of Mac address of their laptop. It helps you locate and quickly find your laptop in case it gets stolen, snatched or lost.

Other Features:
Quick Heal Antivirus shows great results against key-logger programs that store and transmit the key stroke from your keyboard. It can be used for various malware content including spyware, rootkit, adware and riskware. Then you can also scan your USB drives for making sure they do not contain any viruses that can harm your PC. Its Silent Mode does not bug you every time it has found some issues and instead uses pre-defined settings for dealing with them.

Quick Heal Antivirus is lightweight yet very strong software that provides high level of protection for your PC against various issues. Its antivirus detection system is very intelligent that can take right decisions for removal of malware. Not only you can keep your PC safe, but can also browse websites and send or receive Emails freely.

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